Q let the dogs out

This is part 3 of the story. To see part one, go back a couple posts.

Worf has had just about enough of Klingon Riker’s shit. He’s got like two seconds before he gets a Klingon fist to his Klingon face

Data is in command though and that’s all that matters

We begin with a scene in the holodeck as Q amuses himself by floating upside down and misquoting Shakespeare.

Then the rose would smell more like lilac

Picard confers with Riker on the bridge, worrying that what just happened in 10 forward will happen again soon and with potentially deadly consequences. He decides to have all phasers locked away until this issue with Q is over.

Riker objects. With the Yslanti on board the crew may need those phasers! The captain states they can defend themselves without the weapons and orders Worf to carry out his order.

Hes turning us all in to kiwis, Makeba!

Down in the armory, security personnel are not happy about this. Even going so far as to grumble that Worf may need to be replaced as head of security. Especially after his cowardly display against Riker in 10 forward.

Elsewhere, the Yslanti sneak through the corridors towards the shuttlebay. They are determined to get off this ship one way or the other.

They spot a shuttle they can use, and rush inside, fighting the personnel stationed there and securing the controls. One of the officers raises the alert that intruders are in the shuttlebay which reaches the ears of the officers turning in their phasers.

The officers argue they need their phasers back to fight the Yslanti. Worf appears to tell them they need what their captain says they need. Nothing more. The officers back down and rush off to the shuttlebay empty handed.

Worf with the restraint of a saint

On the bridge, the captain orders Ro to lock down the shuttlebay, but she can’t. The Yslanti have locked them out. Riker insists the crew need those phasers but Picard says no. He would rather let the Yslanti escape with the shuttle than to cause bloodshed.

Riker does not like that response. And Picard doesn’t like Riker’s response to his response. So he lets him have it.

Fire at Will!

The two fight right there on the bridge. After exchanging blows, Riker stands victorious and claims the title of Captain. He has Picard sent to the brig.

In the shuttlebay, Worf orders the leader of the Yslanti, Sorban, to yield. The man refuses and throws a few punches at Worf who dodges them. Finally, Worf punches back, and knocks Sorban to the ground.

Their leader defeated, the rest of the Yslanti are subdued and taken to the brig. On their way out the door they promise a war is coming in response to their treatment here.

This isn’t over!!

As the Yslanti are removed, security reinforcements arrive with phasers in hand. Worf questions them and they answer the previous order was overturned by Captain Riker.

Worf storms off to see for himself and as he steps in to the turbolift, Q appears to mock him a bit. He tells Worf to cheer up. After all this all should be right up his alley!

Worf arrives on the bridge to see Picard being hauled off, and asks him who did this to him. Riker answers and says it’s unwise to show sympathy for his former captain right in front of his new boss.

Worf finishes his shift with his head down and then makes a beeline to Data’s quarters.

Data under house arrest just petting his cat

The two discuss the situation trying to figure out how to get Q to put things back the way they were. Data notes that often Q leaves some kind of “escape route” for his tricks. If they can figure out the answer he is looking for they can convince him to change things back.

In this case, Q changed the crew to Klingons after the captain’s remark to prove to him that Klingons arent as valueable as Picard believed. So perhaps the answer is to prove the value of Klingon nature.

Time to let loose

Worf eagerly accepts his premise. He’s been keeping himself in check so much it’ll be a relief to let out some of this pent up aggression. The two of them head straight to the bridge.

Worf wastes no time once he gets there, either, stepping out of the turbolift and telling Riker to abdicate the chair.

Riker stands up and mocks Worf. This is the guy who backed down from every previous challenge. Has he finally found his courage?

The two square up and Riker makes the first move, tossing Worf over him and on to the floor. Worf quickly stands back up and delivers a well-placed roundhouse kick to Riker’s face.

This must have been so satisfying lol

Worf takes command of the ship after laying Riker out. He orders the Enterprise to rendezvous with the Hood to transfer the Yslanti immediately and get them off the ship safely.

Q’s face appears in the main viewer, and he concedes to Worf that proven enough. The game is no longer fun anymore with him in command, so he’s done playing. He turns the bridge crew back to normal.

In the brig, Picard and the Yslanti all share the same cell. Sorban complains about being forced to share a cell with a Klingon as Q appears and changes Picard back to normal.

Picard and Q exchange a bit of banter before the omnipotent being disappears in his trademark flash of light. Sorban is in shock and what he witnessed and would never have believed it if not for seeing it with his own eyes.

No one back home is gonna believe me

Picard escorts the Yslanti delegation to the transporter room and things all seem smoothed over. Now that they know Picard was telling the truth about Q, they are prepared to go forward with the peace talks and put this strangeness behind them.

Picard and Riker both agree Worf saved the day. Although Picard no longer wishes he had 100 like him.

Well Data kinda saved the day here. After all it was his idea for Worf to stop holding himself back. I do feel it wrapped up a little too quickly but comics format can tend to do that.

Also really annoyed the cover lied again because Data never actually took command, but they do that a lot, too.

Fun fact about this comic in particular. Worf is my dad’s favorite Star Trek character, and I happened to have a duplicate copy of this comic. So I took it with me to STLV and got Michael Dorn to sign it for him. Dad was really happy when I gave it to him for his birthday ๐Ÿ˜Š he decided to display it with another Klingon item he has

I love my dad โค

In the letters to the editor I want to pay condolenses to the Aussies who apparently had to wait a long time for TNG to reach their airwaves


And this is in the days where the internet was still a baby. No just hopping on YouTube or even Napster to bootleg episodes. People today are upset Star Trek Picard airs in the UK a day later. Imagine having to wait years!

Those were darker times…

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