About this page (and me)

Ive been a Trek fan since about 1990 and a comics fan for even longer. When the two worlds collided that meant me scouring every comic shop for back issues of all the Star Trek comics I had missed out on over the years.

I have only recently finished my collection of the DC run, but have had most of them for years and I’ve read them all multiple times. As I planned to read them through again I thought “hey.. A lot of people have either never seen these comics or haven’t read them in a while but would appreciate a trip down memory lane. Right?”

So I’m reading my comics a little differently this time. I’m taking pics, writing some occasionally witty commentary (I hope), and sharing my collection with whoever is interested.

One comic at a time.

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me. I hope you find it…fascinating 🖖