Hate is blind

A young Thanos obtains aid in his quest from an unlikely ally. Geordi no!

I am inevitable. Resistance is futile.

The Enterprise is taking on a delegation from a species called the Chorrtan. They are a warlike race with strained relations with the Federation. As a goodwill gesture, the crown prince has been invited to obtain the gift of sight from the same scientists who gave Geordi his visor.

The prince needs to be able to see as there is a ritual coming up for his transition to adulthood. Without sight, he is assured to die in the process.

Upon arrival, the delegation immediately demands Counselor Troi leave their presence. So already off to a great start here.

To be fair Id be uncomfortable too

Deanna leaves and the delegation gets situated in their quarters while the lead bodyguard heads off to inspect the medical facility.

Elsewhere, the doctors set to perform the procedure are gathered to chat, and we are introduced to them.

There is John Anders, the neurosurgeon and team politician; Felix Carter, the boisterous spectrophysicist; Mara Chang, the opthamalic specialist and team conscience; and Martin Kane, the half-Iborite electronics expert and workaholic. Martin is also the person Geordi most looked up to out of the group, and his inspiration for becoming an engineer.

There is a lot of setup for this story…

Geordi shows Martin a gadget he’s been working on, but Martin almost drops the thing. Apparently he has a nerve disorder which has affected his fine motor skills. But while his hands don’t work as well, his mind is in top form, and he contributes to the group outside of the actual operation.

Data and Worf sit with Captain Picard in his ready room to discuss the Chorrtan and their security requirements. They talk about some incidents they have had with the aliens in the past including a particularly nasty one in which the Chorrtan destroyed an entire Federation colony leaving no survivors.

A group of scientists had relocated to the outskirts of Federation space so they could perform genetic experiments which are banned. The Chorrtan claimed the area as part of their territory and didn’t appreciate trespassers.

Btw that’s classified so keep it on the dl

Geordi visits the young prince to explain the procedure to him. He explains that the way he sees is more broadly than regular sight, but the operation will give a wicked headache.

He talks to the prince about how scared he was. Not just of the procedure, but fear that sight wouldn’t be all that great after all. Like maybe it was hyped too much and he was going to be let down. But after the procedure was (fully) explained to him, he felt better.

No fear

The Prince walks with Geordi as he makes his way to engineering. Suddenly internal force fields go up right between Geordi and the delegation. The Chorrtan are trapped as the fire supression system activates and sucks the air out of the area they are trpped in!

Geordi’s quick thinking is able to reroute power and shut off the system before the delegation suffocated but who would do this? And why?

Data would be done by now

Security investigates by interrogating several members of the crew–anyone capable of the engineering required to pull this off–as well as the guest doctors on board.

Worf heads to the lab they are using in order to speak to Dr. Anders, but finds him unconscious on the floor!

Luckily, Worf is able to get the doctor to sickbay and no permanent damage is done, but the attacker had knocked him out and was trying to cut into the memory section of his brain with a neoroscalpel! If Worf hadn’t got there when he did the man wouldn’t have remembered a thing.

Instead he remembers exactly who attacked him: his colleague Martin Kane!

He tried to kill someone but its not like he’s dangerous or anything

Picard immediately has Kane dragged in and formally charged of attempted murder of the Chorrtan delegation as well as assault. The doctor doesn’t even deny it and admits full guilt.

He drops a bombshell that he is a survivor of that colony on Gamma Chrysalis! And he wants to halt all talks between the Federation and the Chorrtan. Such a savage race can never be trusted.

He’s being very forthcoming about all of this

Dr. Kane is confined to the brig and Geordi goes to see him. He confronts his childhood hero and expresses severe disappointment.

Kane apologizes for not being the man Geordi thought he was. He’s no hero. Just a mechanic. And he did what he thought was right.

Geordi heads down to engineering and talks about his disappointment with Data.

Data’s always there to lend an ear

As they talk Geordi makes a sudden realization. Kane has that nerve disorder. He couldn’t have attacked Dr. Anders alone! Not with a neuroscalpel!

He rushes to sickbay to halt the procedure. When he arrives, he sees the doctors luckily hadn’t started yet. Dr. Chang is in the other room prepping for surgery.

Geordi runs to that room to find Dr. Chang in tears. She tells him not to worry; she couldn’t go through with killing the young prince. But why even consider it?

Chang reveals to Geordi that she, too, is a survivor if the ill-fated Gamma Chrysalis colony. In fact, she and Kane had been married there and had a child. As a result of the attack, all records–and their child–were lost. They grew apart and no one knew their past.

Any other survivors wanna raise their hands?

But when the team was put together again for this surgery, Kane convinced her to join his scheme. And she did. Until she couldn’t face killing a child the way the Chorrtan killed her own daughter.

Geordi then asks her if she will go through with the actual surgery. Without it the prince will die anyway. She agrees to help. Even more remarkably, the Chorrtan agree to proceed.

For a warlike race y’all are really trusting

The surgery goes off without a hitch, and the young prince returns to his homeworld with a new VISOR.

And they all live happily ever after. Except Kane who is you know in jail or whatever they call it now.

I admit this comic was not a favorite. It had way too much exposition and there were several pages that I swear ws more talk bubble than art. If I want to read a novel I will grab a book by Peter David or something.

Not too many letters to the editor this time either (only one page instead of the usual two) and nothing noteworthy. So this was just a disappointing issue all around (to me anyway, any Geordi fans wanna weigh in?)

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