Wrapped up with a bow

This is part 6 of the story. To go all the way back to the beginning, you’ll need to head back a few posts.

The three wise men visit Ro Laren bearing gifts of kindness, bloodwine, and unwanted sexual advances.

Sorry Geordi I’m still not over what you did to Brahams.

Worf, Geordi, and Data beam back to the Enterprise–now back together in one piece–and Worf is quickly reunited with his son.

And Picard says love is love as the crew reunites with their loved ones who were separated between the saucer and battle bridge.

We will forgive the typo

Hull repairs are under way, and sickbay is packed but nothing too serious. In a few days Dr. Crusher expects it’ll be quiet again.

The Sztazzan fly off to their homeworld equipped with the same knowledge gained by the Federation due to the two factions working in cooperation. With nothing left to do here, the Enterprise also leaves at a leisurely warp 2 on course to their next destination.

In engineering, Geordi remarks to Data how much he missed seeing the warp core. Their conversation manages to make its way to how a holiday can make one feel down when not shared with others. And then to Ensign Ro’s situation.

Not on my watch!

Elsewhere, O’Brien and Troi get ready to resume the billiards tournament. Apparently the harsh rules at least let the tournament be suspended in case of saucer separation!

The opponents ask about Geordi, but neither he nor O’Brien felt it fair to just drop Counselor Troi like that.

Of course the Irishman goes for the potato reference

Miles is partially upset that he figures he’s about to lose a tournament he fought hard to win, but he hides it as best he can from a Betazoid.

But then she starts making back to back (to back) shots and he is pleasantly surprised! The other team cries foul. Surely O’Brien knew her skill! But the chief assures them he is just as surprised and was even told Betazoids don’t play pool.

Counselor Troi says that’s true. But her father was human. And a master billiards player.

Y’all got suckered

Worf walks Alexander to Mot’s barbershop to apologize for his earlier behavior. The kid protests but Worf isn’t having it and marches the kid in there.

Mot is surprised to see them and when it’s explained why he says it’s too late for that. Worf explains he would have done it sooner but Mot corrects him. It’s too late because it’s no longer needed.

By passing on Mot’s idea, Alexander showed he believed in the Bolian’s ideas. And saved the ship!

“You’re welcome by the way”

Mot suggests it is Worf who may owe his son an apology. As the two of them leave, Worf turns to Alexander and admits he should have had more faith that the boy would have done the right thing even in his father’s absence.

Alexander accepts his apology. After all we all make mistakes.

Picard and Riker chat in the observation lounge and discuss this idea Mot had. Riker admits that while Mot did have the idea, Will had already thought of it and was implementing it.

He explains that he is letting Mot go on thinking he saved the day, and would like to keep it that way. Picard understands and assures Will that he will not spoil the ruse to Mot.

But Id rather my hair didn’t get cut to look like your hair..uh…no offence

Terry visits Dr. Crusher to talk about what went down on the alien planet. She’s upset over the way she handled the wounded Sztazzan. They killed so many of her friends upon her old ship but when she had a chance to let one die she couldn’t take it. She had vowed revenge but ultimately failed.

Dr. Crusher explains to her that even when she doesn’t like someone she still treats them. That’s her responsibility as a doctor. Similarly, Terry did the right thing even if she felt otherwise because that is what Starfleet officers do.

Ideally anyway. Lookin at you, Admiral Leyton

Ro sits alone in 10 forward as Worf walks in carrying a menorah-like candleholder (with 5 candles) along with Data, Geordi, and Guinan.

The Bajoran is surprised to see the “zaranna” as Data wishes her a “brave Moga Rivan.” They explain to her that they looked up the holiday in the ship’s computer and with 5 people, they have who they need to begin the celebration.

Ro protests at first, thanking them for the sentiment but noting that they’re not Bajoran. But Guinan convinces her to let them go ahead.

Just let us make you happy damn

The five people each take turns lighting a candle as they tell parts of the story. The citizens of Nivan set a large fire on the landbridge, blocking the army of the warlord Gordach. Gordach was patient, however, knowing the land had few trees. Despite lacking a navy, he waited as the fire would only last a day.

So he was surprised when a full day later the fires were still burning! The citizens began to throw their belongings in to the flames as their wood depleted. The fire that should only have lasted one day instead lasted five.

And as the Nivanites watched their fire finally die out, and saw the army of Gordach waiting on the other side, another army appeared to their rear! The people across the land saw the fire and the bravery it represented and rose up to help fight against the mighty army of Gordach.

And thus the tyrant was overthrown.

I wonder how often this story was told during the Cardassian occupation

At the end of the story, Picard and several others join the group of five and wish Ensign Ro a brave Moga Nivan.

The end~

I really enjoy these “day in the life” comics. Probably a lot more than the regular stories to be honest! I love getting to know more about these characters that I care so much about. Troi kicking butt at the tournament was perfect and I loved Riker and Picard’s conversation over Mot.

Ro’s story was my favorite here. It has very obvious ties to Hanukka and I gotta believe that’s on purpose. This comic came out the same year DS9 premiered and there was a heavy theme of Bajorans being an analogue for Jewish people throughout that series.

On to the letters to the editor. This person has an interesting question:

Well that wasn’t exactly the answer fans were hoping for was it? Oh well. Okuda is right in that it does look pretty darn cool though.

Oh and in case you didn’t catch the reference:

That poor ship just can’t catch a break huh?

Until next time. Have a brave Moga Nivan! 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥

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