Luck of the Irish

This is part four of the story. To see part one go back a few posts.

O’Brien covers Beverly Crusher while she tends to… A computer? Uh, doc? Shouldn’t you be helping the people currently getting their butts kicked?

Miles, you might wanna turn around

Dr. Crusher and the rest of the away team study the hostile planet for clues on how to return home. They enter a nearby structure (which is surprisingly well in-tact despite the planet appearing completely abandoned) and soon find some computer terminals.

Cheif O’Brien gets right to work on interfacing with the alien tech to download information. Lt. Oliver is eager to get out of there before the Sztazzan pop in, calling them “filth.”

O’Brien says he understands how she feels (after all he felt the same way about Cardassians) but he doesn’t agree with it. There are two sides to every story which is a lesson he learned when some Cardassians came aboard the Enterprise with wild (true) accusations about his former captain.


Their conversation is cut short as O’Brien manages to tap into the memory banks and begin a download.

Data and the others on the sphere determine there should be a way to stop the overload. As they hurry to work, the Sztazzan move into attack formation.

Captain Picard, derermined to buy the away team as much time as he can, orders Ro Laren to perform evasive maneuvers. They take out the systems of one ship, and move away from the sphere, the rest of the enemy ships hot on their tail.

Blow them out of the sky!

With some fancy maneuvering, they take out another ship, and continue on a heading away from the sphere at warp 5.

Mr. Mot talks to Alexander’s teacher and tells her he noticed that the “pep talk” Ensign Leffler gave didn’t seem to do much good for the boy. The teacher agrees and says Worf is all Alexander has and this has taken a toll on the young Klingon.

Mr. Mot offers to “distract” Alexander to get his mind off of things.

I was thinking he could sweep the hair off my floor

At the alien planet, the saucer section pick up on sensors that the Sztazzan are beaming down. Riker warns the away team that they will soon have company.

O’Brien informs the commander that he’s found a lot of information on the fate of the former inhabitants. Apparently, they created the sphere to save themselves from a catastrophe on their homeworld. One that would have wiped out their entire race.

They settled on this planet, but as fate would have it, a rogue comet came looking for them here. They didn’t realize the danger until it was too late and their race ended up extinct after all.

Which god did they piss off?

While Riker would normally be fascinated by the history lesson, he’s more interested in getting back home and asks the chief what he found on that front. O’Brien states there is a receiver for the device. If they can determine where it is they may be able to use it to get back. But he needs more time to download the information.

Luckily, he only needs a few minutes, but the Sztazzan arrive with guns blazing. The away team seals the door but the insectoids blast the door open injuring a member of the away team and trapping one of their own under some rubble.

O’Brien finishes dowloading the information and they get ready to leave, but Lt. Oliver sees the injured Sztazzan and her compassion takes over. She and doctor Crusher work to stabilize the alien before the rest of his group storms inside. The away team beams up just in time to avoid a litany of enemy fire.

Terry couldn’t hold on to her hate forever

On the sphere, Data and Geordi manage to halt the energy buildup. With the threat gone, they set to work on attempting to decipher where the saucer was transported to.

The battle bridge is starting to get in to trouble, though. As the Sztazzan continue to chase them down, they are getting better at anticipating the Enterprise’s maneuvers. Shields drop to 35% in the latest hit.

Have you tried the Picard maneuver?

In the saucer section’s sickbay, Crusher tends to the wounded away team member. Luckily nothing serious. Riker is there and Beverly informs him that Terry Oliver is the one who insisted on helping the fallen Sztazzan.

Considering how bloodthirsty she was not long ago, Will is surprised to hear it. Before he can think on it too long, Chief O’Brien arrives to tell the commander that he has determined the location of the receiver.

Unfortunately, that location is far. Very far. So far it would take them a year to get there on impulse. Assuming the deuterium held out. And it won’t.

So now what? The saucer section knows where to go but has no way to get there. Certainly not in any reasonable amount of time. Looks like it’s up to Data and Geordi to figure something out on their end.

Or maybe the Sztazzan will decide to work with the Starfleet officers who saved the life of one of their comrades.

Either way I’m happy to see O’Brien getting some real use other than sweating over the transporter controls.

On to the letters and… Wow

Put in her place? Seriously? Where would her place be exactly? The kitchen?


Agreed with this person, though!

While I can see Picard being worried about a little humiliation, I can’t see him looking down on a bunch of prisoners with such contempt. Especially when he has no idea what their individual stories are.

But this is also a storyline where he flew through the air and punched a truck driver in the face so… Lol

In case you need a refresher, this is in reference to issue #36. Feel free to jump back and read it while you wait for the next post. Unless the next post ks already up in which case what are you waiting for? Go see if Data or O’Brien get to save the day!

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