Flying saucers

This is part two of the story. To see part one, view the previous post.

Picard remembers the Enterprise can separate the saucer section. What better time to do so than to flex on the Death Star?

Bet you can’t do THIS

Data, Worf, and Geordi are in the depths of the sphere studying what looks to be a giant warp core. Geordi realizes that they’ve lost contact with the Enterprise and Data speculates some of the alien alloys may be interfering with communications.

On the bridge, Lt. Terry Oliver informs Captain Picard that the vessels belong to a race called the Sztazzan and urges the captain not to let them get the drop on the Enterprise.

Picard goes to yellow alert and tells O’Brien to bring the away team back, but the same thing blocking the communicators is likely blocking transporters too.

Picard rocking that awesome jacket

Picard asks Riker what we know about the Sztazzan but the answer is not much. Only one encounter with them in the last 30 years and that was the encounter with Lt. Oliver’s ship.

Terry explains the Sztazzan came out of no where and made unfounded territorial claims before blasting her former ship to kingdom come.

The Sztazzan answer the Enterprise’s hail and, apparently like before, claim the starship is violating their territory. They refuse to even explain their claim and insist the Enterprise leave at once.

During the exchange, Lt. Oliver has a panic attack.

Dude…not in front of the hostiles!

Picard tries to reason with the insectoids and offer to combine efforts to study the sphere, but the Sztazzan counter offer that the Enterprise leaves within 3 minutes or gets blown up.

Picard is faced with a difficult choice: stay and fight to get his away team back before the Sztazzan find them or run and protect the over 1000 lives aboard his ship.

He decides to have his cake and eat it too. He summons Troi, Ro, and a couple others to the battle bridge and orders Will to head straight for Beta Cangelosi.

Shits about to get real

The crew scrambles to get in place with civilians and non-essential personnel rushing to the saucer section while those remaining behind situate themselves in the battle section.

Ro Laren takes her seat in the battle bridge and is thankful to be there. She couldn’t stand not sticking around to help fight and a part of her welcomes the distraction… Although this is a bigger one than she would have preferred.

Meanwhile Terry sits on the saucer section grateful to be getting the heck out of there. Though there is a small part of her that wants to stay and exact revenge. Starfleet ideals or not.

Burn the bastards!

In the sphere, the away team discusses the bad timing of this mission. Worf explains the issue he was in the middle of dealing with regarding Alexander and Mot, and Geordi complains about getting pulled away from the billiards championship.

While they talk, Data discovers something that may be of interest.

You mean more interesting than your son being a little shit again?

The saucer separation begins and at first the Sztazzan watch with curiosity. But that curiosity doesn’t last long when they realize it could be some sort of attack. The three minutes is up and they open fire on both sections!

The shields hold on both sections and the saucer begins to move away. One enemy vessel continues to target it, but with the battle section dealing with the other five, Riker is on his own with that one.

The vessel opens fire on the saucer but misses, hitting the sphere instead. At first Riker worries about the away team, but a new concern quickly replaces it as the sphere begins to increase its energy levels significantly.

Worry about yourself, Will

The sphere energy levels spike so high that it seems like it’ll explode. A wave of energy eminates from the construct, blinding anyone watching on the viewer. When the light fades, the saucer section (and the ship that was chasing it) are gone.

Not exploded. There’s no debris or any sign of the ships at all. They’re just…gone.

But to where?

Ok so does that mean Troi and O’Brien didn’t win that billiards tournament? I need answers!!

I’m curious as to where the ships went. To null space? To another dimension? Maybe they’re actually still there but were hit by some kind of cloaking field?? And will they be alone in this new place? Or is the device a transporter that just sent them to the creators’ home world?

Guess we’ll find out next issue!

The letters to the editor this time focused on an issue that has always bothered me so I’m really glad they are addressing it:

This has been such a peeve of mine. Its bad enough when you see an awesome costume on the cover but never in the comic. A little disappointing but not a big deal. However, putting a character on the cover who doesn’t even appear in the story (or at best has a panel or so) is false advertising.

My favorite character is Data. When I first started collecting these comics as a kid, I didnt have the money to buy them all so I focused on ones with Data on the cover. Luckily, Data is always in some way involved so it didn’t hurt me too much if he was less notable within the story because he was still there.

But imagine being a fan of Ro. She rarelt makes an appearance so when you see her on the cover you think “oh wow a Ro story!” and grab it. Only to not even get a panel with her in it. That’s messed up.

I honestly don’t like the excuse they give. I get they are trying to convey a story with a single image, but if you’re trying to do that why would you include characters who aren’t even in it?!

I’ll let their answer be the final say on the topic.

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