A fistful of Worfs

This is part two of the story. To see part one, go back to the previous post.

Things are getting crazy in 10 forward and Guinan is beginning to realize the Klingons have figured out that her giant blaster is made of chocolate.

Also the ratio of dudes to chicks on this crew leaves something to be desired

First, this comic has the best opening line so far and I would be remiss not to include it.

So sassy

The Yslanti storm down the corridor towards the office of counselor Troi. Since she was assigned to help them, they figure now is the time to ask for that help with this Klingon issue.

Instead, they are greeted by a Klingon at the door! The Klingon is counselor Troi, but she isn’t acting like herself at the moment.

Kinda liking this new counseling style tbh

Realizing Troi can’t help with their problem, the delegation leaves and decides to take their complaint to the top.

Captain Picard is in his ready room yelling across his desk at Q to change everything back. Q of course refuses as he’s not done having fun yet. He also wants Picard to admit that what he said about wanting 100 people like Worf was a mistake, but our captain refuses. He has no problem with Klingons, just omnipotent assholes named after letters of the alphabet.

The Yslanti storm in to the ready room and Q makes himself invisible to their eye. The delegates quickly realize that Picard is also a Klingon, and it further fuels their anger at the situation.

Ooooo Picard said the d-worrddddd

Jean-Luc tries to explain but the Yslanti aren’t interested in his crazy stories. It’s clear to them that the entire crew is mocking them by dressing up as Klingons. They demand to be returned to their homeworld and storm out of the ready room.

Q reappears and mocks Picard for his handling of the situation. Which only serves to anger the captain so much he takes a swing at the immortal.

Also he says the d-word again!

The two go back and forth with Picard losing control of his Klingon temper to the point were he finally punches Q so hard his head flies off!

Of course being an omnipotent, immortal being, Q just picks his head and puts it back on his shoulders. Only after quipping that now they’ve both lost their heads today. Ohh Q. Ever the punsmith.

In the middle of their argument, Ro Laren calls the captain from 10 forward. Apparently, the Yslanti entered the area looking for a drink and found a fight.

Oh NOW we get Ro. Wow.

Picard angrily storms out of the ready room, leaving Q behind and grabbing Data, Worf, and Riker to join him on his trip to 10 forward.

Q arrives before they do, and watches the festivities unfold while disguised as a Klingon.

The door opens and Picard storms in, telling everyone to knock it off. He tries again to explain what is happening here but the Yslanti are still not buying it.

What’s worse is even the Enterprise crew argues with Picard. They may have been human, but now they are Klingon! And Klingons are cooler!

Picard argues with them as a knife raises on him from behind. Data sees and calls out to his captain.

Watch your back! Literally

Picard quickly turns and grabs the knifeman’s wrist, flipping him on to the floor like a pancake and calling him a coward for trying to take the captain from behind.

Angry now, Picard asks who else wants some. He challenges various crew members who smartly keep their mouths shut, but that doesn’t stop him from tossing another one to the ground for funsies.

Captain Kickass

Data reminds Picard why he came here in the first place: to restore the peace; not make it worse. Picard pounds the bar. How can he ask his crew to keep their anger in check if he can’t even do it himself?

The Yslanti have seen enough. They remind Picard of their demand to be returned home and then leave the establishment.

Picard tells Worf to have security keep an eye on the Yslanti, but they will not be changing course. At this point the starbase is closer anyway.

Data asks if they should be transferred to another vessel. The Hood is in the area. Captain Picard cuts the android off and tells him that he is the one calling the shots, not Data.

That is when Guinan walks in, asking what the heck managed to happen in the few minutes she was gone. She immediately spots Q across the room and tells him to get lost.

Go on now git

Q realizes he left the oven on and hightails it out of there. Picard states he wishes Guinan could kick Q off the whole ship like she just did for 10 forward, but she says her powers of persuasion aren’t quite that good.

Guinan then turns to Picard and asks him about his snapping at Data. The captain quickly turns on Guinan telling her he will not be second-guessed, then he storms out.

Riker calls for everyone to clean up the mess and Worf turns to Guinan to discuss their options. With even Captain Picard flying off the handle, they need to get a reign on this situation.

Riker doesn’t like Worf whispering off in the corner, though, and confronts the security chief.

Who knew Klingons were so paranoid

Riker accuses Worf of conspiring to poison his drinks. Worf and Guinan both call the idea absurd. Worf reminds Riker he’s only thinking this way because of Q, but the first officer doesn’t accept that and ends up throwing a right cross, knocking Worf to the ground.

Worf pulls himself off the floor as Riker taunts him. For a moment, Worf gets ready to kick some Riker ass, but he takes a breath and calms himself knowing that this isn’t how a Starfleet officer conducts themselves.

The (actual) Klingon bites his tongue as Riker mocks him and calls him a coward, and finally just tells Worf to help clean up before he gets his butt kicked again.

Personal log: the crew has no chill

The Yslanti gather in their quarters, painting warpaint on their faces and gathering weapons. Picard having completely ignored their demands, the delegation prepares to force the issue. One way or the other….

So this issue is actually pretty fun just to see how the various crew members act when changed in to Klingon warriors. I can’t decide if I like Troi’s new counseling style better than Dr. Crusher’s new pain management style.

A Klingon sneaking up behind Picard’s back doesn’t seem very honorable, but we also are constantly reminded throughout the show that Klingons are not the honorable actors Worf always holds them up to be. Worf is the exception not the rule.

Looks like he and Guinan may be able to hatch some kind of plan. I’m still waiting for Data to ultimately save the day though.

Most of the letters to the editor this time referred to the “Modala Imperative” comics run. This is a side-run spanning 8 issues (4 in TOS and 4 in TNG) which I do have, but do not plan to go through until after I did the main series run. I figured branching away for the several mini-series that took place would get too complicated.

I do plan to do posts for those mini series eventually. It just won’t be until we get through this main run. And assuming I can get a hold of them all!

This letter had some general questions, though, so I’ll let this and the answer cap off today’s post 🖖

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