Q helps the Enterprise crew cosplay as Klingons. Everyone except Data who is, like, super bitter about it.

Grump face back there

The Yslanti delegation beams aboard the Enterprise to be greeted by Captain Picard and Counselor Troi. They are immediately escorted to their rooms to keep them out of trouble as the Yslanti have an instinctive reaction to all other warrior races.

Picard assures them that Worf will steer clear for the duration of their visit, and the Yslanti thank the captain for his understanding.

While the conversation is going on we can see a familiar face eavesdropping from the ceiling…

Captain Picard makes his way to the bridge and asks Worf to join him in his ready room. Picard thanks Worf for his patience in this matter and says he understands its not easy to step aside and let others handle security. Especially for a Klingon warrior such as himself.

Worf states no thanks are needed as he is just doing his duty, but Picard insists and says he wishes he had 100 more just like him.

It is then that Q appears, clutching his head and complaining about the sickly-sweet banter going on in here.

Q already on Jean-Luc’s last nerve

They exchange some bickering back and forth and Q states Picard is even more disrespectful than usual. He seems to not be acting himself.

But I guess that’s forgivable since he is no longer himself. Captain Picard is turned in to a Klingon! The captain insists on being changed back but Q says hes only giving Jean-Luc what he asked for. He did wish he had 100 more like Worf. And if 100 is good…

Its never good when Q doubles down on his tricks

As they argue, Commander Riker calls the captain to tell him something has happened. Picard is quick to realize what it is and rushes out the door to the bridge to confirm his fear.

The entire bridge crew (minus Data) has been turned in to Klingons! Q explains that it’s not just them. The entire ship’s crew has been changed.

Excuse me how dare you

Q takes Picard and Riker on a quick tour of the ship to prove it. They stop by Mot (the blue bolian now Klingon but still bald), the concert hall where the now-Klingon musicians play strange instruments, and to 10 forward in time to see a fight break out.

He finishes the tour back on the bridge and at first Picard’s own inner Klingon insults Q, demanding the worm returns them to normal. Then Picard composes himself to appeal to Q’s sense of reason. But the immortal doesn’t care to hear it; he’s too interested in seeing how this all plays out.

Q vanishes, leaving the crew of the Enterprise to figure out what the heck to do. For now, Picard orders everyone to act like its business as usual.

Down in engineering, Geordi tells his crew to follow orders and get back to work. One engineer named Duffy doesn’t like this plan, though, insisting they fight. Geordi reminds Duffy that Q isn’t likely to be forced in to anything.

Duffy tells Geordi that if he isn’t willing to fight Q, maybe he should step aside for someone who is. Prompting Geordi to lay out this little turd and make sure everyone understands who is in charge here.

Don’t make me stab a petaQ

In their quarters, Miles and Keiko sit across from each other at the dinner table with little Molly in her baby chair nearby. Miles curses about the situation while Keiko asks him to cool the language in front of the baby.

Keiko has prepared Miles’ favorite (corned beef and cabbage) but the engineer almost pukes. He wants serpent worms instead.

Keiko tells him off for ignoring her hard work on dinner. She used his grandmother’s recipe and everything! Q watches invisibly as they argue.

Bro just use the replicator and stop making your wife cook for you

In sickbay, Dr. Crusher tends to one of her patients. Despite the change to Klingon form, he will still need surgery. Crusher gets the surgical tools ready right there in the open rather than move to an operating room. More shockingly, she prepares to go in without anesthesia!

The patient questions her methods and she scoffs at him. A son of Kahless should not desire pain killers.

Suck it up, buttercup

The Yslanti delegation exits their quarters to get lunch. They discuss among themselves how helpful the Federation has been and how accommodating. They figure it’s safe to head to 10 forward for a meal. And they actually have hope that the peace talks they are being escorted to will go well since the Federation seems to understand them so well.

As they walk down the hall, a trio of Klingons bust through between them. One of the Yslanti pulls a knife and gets ready to throw down, but the leader stops him before blood is shed.

At least someone has some restraint around here

As the Klingons walk off, one notes how odd it was the Yslanti just ran from them. The man next to him says for Barclay not to be surprised. He is just as fearsome as the next warrior. Barclay likes the sound of that.

And Q remarks to himself that this all may be even more entertaining than he realized.

Ok so I just said in the last post how I didn’t particularly like Klingon stories, but I love Q stories. So I guess the two things cancel out, lol. Although I really hope to see more of Data in the next issue. My guess is he will be the key to smoothing things over.

The banter between Q and Picard was great and reads just like it would on the show. I could hear Picard’s annoyance as I read his speech bubbles.

Not much by way of letters this time other than a lot of praise for the story and art as usual. But I do want to highlight this one bit because I completely agree:

Imagine being able to just walk in and buy all the back issues. Once I finally had the money to spend on comics, it was an ordeal tracking them all down. Thank goodness for Etsy and Amazon!

Peter David is a gem and I wish he would lend his pen to these comics. Especially when it comes to writing Q which he does so well.

At least our prayers of more Q are being answered!

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