Spill the tea

Awww yeah finally getting some Ensign Ro up in here. And she looks not at all impressed with this bullshit happening outside

Even Picard looks worried but Ro ain’t having it

Geordi and Sonya Gomez are hanging out by the bar in 10 forward. Geordi notes how far Sonya has come in such a short time and how proud he is of her. She thanks him and says she has been working hard on herself.

She recalls the time she spilled a drink on Captain Picard and Geordi assures her that was a one time thing that coulda happened to anyone. Sonya thanks him and turns to get a refill. Right as Captain Picard approaches.

Get this girl a sippy cup

Gomez of course apologizes profusely for once again spilling her drink on the captain. He tells her it’s fine and the uniform was due for a wash anyway. Before he leaves, he asks Geordi to meet with him in a few minutes.

Sonya is a wreck. Geordi tries to console her that it was just an unlucky accident but she runs out of 10 forward in tears.

Geordi meets Picard in his ready room where the captain informs him that he would like the engineer and one other person to head up a training mission with some cadets.

La Forge is happy to volunteer and asks if he can pick the second person. Picard asks who he has in mind.

Literally about to choke on his own tea

Picard is surprised Geordi would choose Sonya of all people, but La Forge explains that she’s one of his best and brightest. She just lacks the self assurance. And a training exercise like this is perfect for her to see how far she really has come since the Academy.

The captain isnt too happy about the choice, but he accepts it and just asks Geordi to keep an eye on her.

Later on, La Forge and Gomez step up to the transporter to beam aboard the training vessel. Sonya gives Geordi one more chance to change his mind but he refuses.

Geordi is a good mentor

The two engineers beam over to the ship–an older class vessel from Kirk’s time–and are introduced to the cadets by Proctor Keane.

The assignment is a simple one: restore impulse power to the ship and take it through an asteroid field to a predetermined destination. Not to worry; even their course through the asteroids is not in the dense part of the field. It should be pretty easy.

Captain Picard hails Geordi to wish him luck and tell him the Enterprise will swing by later to pick him up on their return from Gamma Ysalis.

Proctor Keane also states she will be observing from another vessel nearby. With that she hops on the transporter, wishes them luck, and beams to her ship.

The engineers quickly get to work and have impulse power up in no time. They set their course through the asteroid field as La Forge and Gomez oversee engineering.

Suddenly, an engineer shouts for Lt Gomez and points to some sensor readings on the screen in front of him. There’s an installation here! But there isn’t supposed to be any.

Its the castle from Neverending Story!!

The ship is hit by something and Geordi calls up to the bridge to ask what’s going on up there. A vessel came out of hiding to attack the training ship. The proctor’s ship is now moving to intercept.

Geordi notes neither of their vessels are very well armed. In fact theirs isn’t armed at all and the proctor’s isn’t much better. He tells the cadet captain that he is heading up right now to take over.

Before Geordi can take two steps, the bridge informs him that the proctor’s vessel has been disabled!

I’m freaking out, man!!

A cadet in engineering manages to identify the ship. Its Catarran and they are not friendly to the Federation. Meaning that facility is certainly not supposed to be here and they will want to keep their secret from getting out.

As Geordi turns to rush up to the bridge, their ship is rocked hard by another volley and he’s thrown headfirst in to a bulkhead and knocked out cold. Sonya tries to wake him and get some orders but he’s unresponsive. The cadets gather around Lt Gomez and remind her shes the only conscious officer on board and they need her orders.

She panics for a brief moment, but Geordi’s words of encouragement ring in her ears.

Lets do this

Sonya’s first act is to order a couple of cadets to get Geordi stable and secure. Then she switches focus to what to do about the Catarr vessel bearing down on them.

Lucky for them, this species is more primative than the Federation by a lot. They lack the ability to even scan for weapons. Which gives Gomez an idea.

She tells the crew to launch two class-8 probes. Their casing is similar to photon torpedoes so it should buy them time by forcing the Catarr to react defensively.

Ah yes the “pew pew; run away!” maneuver

The trick works long enough for them to hide themselves deep in the asteroid field. At minimum power, the Catarrans weak sensors will have trouble finding them. In the meantime they send out a distress signal and wait.

About an hour goes by and many hope that the threat has passed. A call comes up to the bridge that Geordi has regained consciousness but is still pretty foggy. Gomez orders them to keep him where he is until he can think straight.

A cadet shouts out they’ve got company as sensors pick up the Catarran vessel. The enemy ship begins firing on asteroids to blast a path to the training vessel.

Start throwing rocks??

Gomez orders cadet Timmins to find a frequency that can penetrate the Catarran’s shields while she hatches a plan.

The Catarrans draw near to the training ship, blasting away the last asteroid they need for a clear path. But suddenly their impulse engines break down. There’s somehow debris in the power conduits!

Well rocks had something to do with it after all

Gomez hails the enemy vessel to gloat. She tells them that she left a little surprise in their engines by way of small asteroids. With their impulse broken and no way to use warp in this asteroid field, the Catarr vessel is stuck. Meanwhile the Federation craft has moved its way out of weapons range.

As the Catarr captain screams his head off, Sonya hangs up on him to answer a hail from the Enterprise. They have responded to their distress signal. Sonya relays the situation to Picard, and the big guns take care of the problem.

Sonya and Geordi later meet with Captain Picard in his ready room where he congratulates her on a job well done. He admits he wasn’t sure about Geordi picking her at first, but is glad to be proven wrong.

And thats the tea

Gomez and Geordi walk back to engineering. He tells her that she has turned a corner in her career and things are going to be different for her now.

As they talk, an ensign turns around with what looks to be hot chocolate, and it splashes all over Sonya Gomez. The man apologizes profusely as she laughs. Dont worry about it, ensign, it can happen to anyone.

Ok while I am really happy to see a Sonya Gomez story where the fuck was Ro??? I feel so cheated right now wtf.

Also since when is Sonya a greenskinned lady? Last issue the letters talked about not having likeness rights to guest characters (like Okona) so I guess this is why but still. Get the rights then?

The story itself was pretty good, though. I enjoyed seeing Sonya not only learn some confidence but come up with creative solutions.

It seems the Worf story with “K’ehleyr” wasn’t received very well overall. Most of the letters this month are negative of it in some way (although respectfully so).

I admit I agree. While Worf is my dad’s favorite character (so I’m sure he would fully disagree) for me Worf is one of my least favorite. The Klingon stories aren’t my favorites so when the show started heavily focusing on them it got tedius to me. And that comic did wrap up a little too neatly.

But the kiss was worth it 😉

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