Trapped with Okona

This is part two of the story. To see part one, check the previous post.

Not gonna lie I love the outfits they are wearing on this cover and I am going to be extremely disappointed if I open up this comic and they don’t end up wearing them at some point.

Felt like conquering the neighboring village idk might delete later

Okona tells the Starfleet officers what brought him to this planet and for the most part its about what you’d expect. He was smuggling and doing runs for people who paid him enough to do it.

The money was good but it started to get stale so he switched it up and took a shortcut through uncharted space. This is when he was mysteriously whisked off his bridge and placed on the planet.

I wanna point out Data’s outfit right now is NOTHING like the cover omg

Despite the Enterprise sensors only detecting Okona, he insists that there are plenty more people on the planet. A whole city full of them. And they are not nice.

On the Enterprise, O’Brien confirms with the bridge that he lost all 4 communicator signals at the same time. Right after they beamed down.

Riker insists on going after them but Picard denies the request. Last thing he wants is to lose another away team. They need to figure out what happened first.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the Rozhenko family is having a picnic. Jeremy is drawing a picture and Alexander asks what he’s doing.

Jeremy explains it’s for a school assignment. He has to draw a picture from his favorite story. The story Jeremy chose is one of two friends: Radak and Marut.

Why is he doing this now while outside though? Go play, kid

Radak was a reckless person and Marut tried to keep him out of trouble. But one day Radak accidentally killed a nobleman’s son. He was arrested and sentenced to death.

Radak accepted his punishment, but wanted to see his family one last time. The nobleman didn’t want to let him go in case he fled and never came back, so Maruk took Radak’s place. If Radak didn’t return, Maruk would be executed instead.

Time passed and the execution drew near without sight of Radak. Maruk continued to trust his friend would return.

Before Jeremy could finish the story, a sudden downpour comes out of no where and they flee for shelter.

Uhhh dont they have a weather grid that specifically controls said weather?

On the alien planet, Okona tells the away team that he really doesn’t care about this planet’s mysteries and is ready to just get out of there. Data reminds him that their communicators are gone, but Okona has another idea.

He leads them to a nearby room which happens to be full of old equipment and contains a communications device he had managed to piece together. The problem until now was the lack of a power source. But with Data here, that problem is now solved.

Data truly is the answer to all of life’s problems

Hooking up Data to the machine works, and Okona is able to hail the Enterprise. He transmits the coordinates of himself and the away team so they can be beamed up.

While they wait for O’Brien to lock on to their coordinates, Okona takes the time to hit on Beverly some more.

The Rozhenkos make it to shelter and Alexander immediately bugs Jeremy to finish the story.

Marut is taken to the public square to be executed. Alexander asks if he is killed and Jeremy answers with a question of his own: what do you think?

Alexander says Radak must have come back because humans don’t let each other down.

Of course Alexander didn’t pick up on the names

Jeremy explains that, yes, Radak did return. He was late in returning due to the dangers of the road–robbers and wild animals–but arrived in time all the same. The nobleman was so impressed with their friendship that he let Radak go free.

But where Alexander was wrong is they weren’t human. They were Klingon. Which shouldn’t be surprising, says Jeremy, because Klingons always keep their word.

Alexander runs out from the shelter and in to the rain crying. They couldn’t have been Klingons! They lie! Just like his mother lied to him!

This poor kid is seriously traumatized

Jeremy consoles Alexander and tells him how he lost his mother, too. And he too felt betrayed by it at first. But Worf bonded with him and has always been there for him even from a distance.

He goes on to say that Worf cares about both of them, and supports them. In fact, Jeremy wouldn’t be surprised if Worf was thinking of both of them right now!

Jeremy also tells Alexander that in addition to Worf and the Rozhenkos, he’s got one other person looking out for him. His big bro! (Or is it uncle?)


Alexander feels a lot better, and Jeremy leads him back to the structure and out of the rain.

Chief O’Brien runs in to an issue when trying to beam up the away team. There is apparently some kind of dampening field blocking transporters. The chief sends down the location of the nearest spot where the field doesn’t reach, and its only half a kilometer away.

The problem is Okona could hardly walk a block without being set upon. Going a full half kilometer is a lot more dangerous than he thinks the team realizes. Still they don’t have much choice.

This guy looks nothing like Okona

Jeremy Aster packs a suitcase as he gets ready to leave back for home. Sergey comes to talk to him and praises the boys intelligence in telling the story. But he recognized the tale as one from Earth, not one with Klingons. So why change the names from Damon and Pythias?

Jeremy explains there actually is a Klingon story similar to the one told on Earth. The ending is a little different though and maybe not as appropriate.

Clever lad

As they talk, Jeremy asks if maybe Alexander can visit him some time. And Alexander wanders in to the room, holding a teddy bear, asking Jeremy for a bedtime story. A Klingon bedtime story.

The away team wanders down an empty street toward the beam up coordinates and it seems pretty calm. Even Okona notes that he’s surprised they made it as far as they had.

As if on cue, an arrow fires at the team! Okona knocks Dr Crusher out of the way. Worf reaches for his phaser only to remember its been stripped. The team looks for shelter.

In other words move your ass

The group manages to duck around a corner, but appear to be pinned down. How will they get to the beam up point now?

I see what they are trying to do with the Rozhenko part of the story, but I feel like Alexander let Jeremy off way too easy. I guess because he looks up to him. I would have expected Alexander to yell at Jeremy about how Worf treats him better or something.

As for the A story… They are not dressed at all like the cover and my disappointment is boundless. Wtf is Data wearing?!

Apparently this comic came out around the time another special event was happening!

Congrats, Gates!

Some insight here on a couple relationships from both series

This actually seems really accurate. It’s clear they wanted Riker (and Kirk) to be a ladies man. Having a relationship kinda makes that difficult. At least Riker got to be with his Imzadi in the end.

Kirk just ended up under a bridge.

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