Brothers from other mothers

Worf adopts Jeremy Aster and finally gets the son he’s always wanted. Alexander joins Okona and finally gets the father he’s always wanted. Everyone wins!

The Rozhenkos are just glad they arent stuck babysitting anymore

Our story this time begins in sickbay where Worf and Riker are congratulating a new father and mother on their child. The mother is a security officer under Worf.

Dr. Crusher shoos out the visitors so the parents can have some alone time with their newborn. Riker protests but he and Worf are shoved out of the room.

Riker likes being a daddy

On the bridge, the Enterprise encounters a familiar vessel. Picard recognizes it immediately as the Erstwhile–Thadiun Okona’s ship.

The vessel appears to be stranded. Captain Picard orders to hail the ship and see what the trouble is this time.

Data sits in an open room of some kind, playing a board game with a boy named Andrew. Andrew thanks Data for being so patient and teaching him how to play.

Worf and Riker stroll past and Will notices that something has been bothering his friend. When he asks what’s wrong, Worf replies that he is a father. Yet he doesn’t feel like one.

Alexander and Jeremy are both light years away being raised by Worf’s parents and Jeremy’s aunt, respectively. While Worf knows they’re in good hands, its not the same as being there.

In addition, Jeremy will be visiting the Soviet Union for spring break. The boys will finally be meeting for the first time and Worf isn’t there to witness it.

Apparently the soviet union exists in the 24th century

Will sympathizes with Worf but before they can talk much more about it their conversation is interrupted by orders to head to the bridge.

Jeremy Aster arrives in the soviet union by what looks like futuristic airplane. So not only does the SU exist in the 24th century but so do airports.

The Rozhenko’s meet him on the tarmac and welcome him. Alexander is there as well but he doesn’t look nearly as excited.

The sibling rivalry has already started

On the Enterprise bridge, they find that the Erstwhile is actually empty. Nothing on sensors and Troi doesn’t sense anyone aboard. They suspect Okona may have crossed the wrong person, but can’t know for sure just what has happened.

Picard tells Riker to head over to the vessel and take Geordi with him to see if they can find some clues.

Jeremy and Alexander run off to play before dinner and they talk about their respective home lives. Jeremy misses his friends from before moving to Earth but Alexander never had any. Alexander is much happier on Earth with his human friends than he ever was surrounded by adults who wanted nothing to do with him.

Jeremy is in awe of Alexander being a real Klingon and talks about how great they are because they never go back on their word. Alexander vehemently disagrees and says only humans are trustworthy.

You just stepped on a landmine Jeremy

Riker and Geordi beam over to the Erstwhile. They arrive in what looks to be the cargo hold and dig in to the boxes to see what he was carrying. Apparently Okona had some valuable art that he wouldn’t have just abandoned. But then it clearly wasn’t stolen either.

They check the ship’s logs and see that the vessel was headed to a peaceful, non-aligned world named Beta Athabascar Seven. But Okona stopped registering on the ship’s internal sensors light years from its present location. The last reading was in the uncharted space of Alpha Pintara.

Okona apparently didn’t use his transporter, but that doesn’t mean someone else didn’t beam him off.

Despite Picard not even being sure Okona is in any danger, he sets course for Alpha Pintara anyway just to make sure.

If he’s not in trouble he gonna BE in trouble

Alexander says goodnight to Jeremy and is taken to bed by his grandmother. Grandpa Rozhenko sits with Jeremy in the living room and is glad to see the boys get along.

Sergey tells Jeremy how while Alexander looks so much like Worf, he acts nothing like him. While Worf was standoffish and obsessed with Klingon culture, Alexander can’t get enough of other kids and thoroughly rejects the Klingon lifestyle. Sergey worries that Alexander is adjusting to life on Earth a little too well.

Time for big bro to have a talk

The Enterprise arrives in the Alpha Pintara system and it turns out there’s only one planet capable of supporting humanoid life so that narrows down the search. The search is further narrowed when they find only a single sentient lifesign on the planet. One that matches the bio signature of Thadiun Okona.

They attempt to hail him but there is no response. Picard sends an away team led by Counselor Troi this time. Worf, Data, and Dr. Crusher are to accompany her in case of trouble or if Okona really needs medical care.

Riker protests at being excluded but Picard lightly scolds him. How else are others supposed to develop their leadership skills if they don’t get to use them?

As the team heads to the transporter room, a response comes up from the planet but its not in any known language. Picard decides to let the away team beam down while they decipher the message.

When the away team arrives on the planet’s surface, they quickly discover their clothes have changed and their equipment is missing.

Have you checked behind your abs?

A similarly-dressed man greets them and introduces himself as Thadius Okona. He thanks the crew of the Enterprise for coming to his aid while hitting on Dr. Crusher.

Worf gets between them ready to throw down with Okona when Troi steps in and gets them to calm down. We don’t need to argue right now, we need answers.

What is this place? Why are we dressed this way? And how did Okona get here in the first place? Okona replies that he’s got quite the story.

But we wont know it until the next comic.

I thought for sure Alexander would hate Jeremy just because Worf chose to add Jeremy to his family whereas he has pretty much rejected Alexander. But it looks like the boys get along pretty well which is sweet. I’m looking forward to the next issue where I assume Jeremy will help Alexander work through his feelings a bit.

I’m also looking forward to seeing more of these ridiculous outfits the away team got stuck in, lol

Not a lot of letters stood out but I do have a comment on this one.

Rich, as a parent myself I can confidently say that a loving parent would never get used to the thought of their child dying. I don’t care how often they end up in danger.

But I do agree with the rest. It was great to see other parents for the various crewmembers including Selar’s parents.

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