Butterfly in the sky

Beverly and Deanna head out to catch butterflies. Little do they know these butterflies are all reincarnated cartoon children. No one ever suspects it.

Actually, Deanna totally looks like she’s in on it

Beverly Crusher is visiting Deanna in her quarters and the conversation goes straight to the point: death

Its on Beverly’s mind as of late, and its been bothering her. Deanna had noticed something was troubling her friend but didn’t know what. But why the sudden obsession with mortality? Is Beverly sick?

Beverly makes Deanna swear not to reveal her secret and the counselor assures her doctor/patient privledge applies here.

Bullshit. Y’all divulge confidential info all the time!

After a bit of hesitation, Beverly admits the source of her worries: it’s her birthday.

Deanna is of course relieved it isn’t something serious. Beverly insists it is dang it. She’s old and getting older and that sucks. Where’s the counselor’s words of wisdom for her decrepit old friend?

Deanna has a better thing to offer: a birthday gift.

Picard and Riker sit in the captains lounge discussing a unique assignment Will has taken on. He will be taking over the ship’s history class for the day. Apparently his interest in 18th century North America has paid off.

If it was avoided, Will, Jean Luc wouldn’t be the only one with an English accent

Deanna somehow managed to convince Beverly to change into some sturdier gear despite the Doctor’s protests. Deanna won’t tell her friend what the gift is, and instead drags her to the holodeck.

Once inside, they are surrounded by a beautiful and lush forest. Deanna programmed it herself from a variety of sources. Flora from one planet, fauna from another, and landscape even from her own childhood on Betazed. Counselor Troi insists they trek a bit. After all she didn’t program this entire simulation for nothing.

That smile tells me she’s leading Bev in to a trap

In the hallway, Wesley Crusher is stopped by a fellow classmate named Ari. Ari starts grilling Wes about history class and if Riker plans on giving a pop quiz or something.

Wes insists he doesn’t know any more than Ari does, but the kid doesn’t believe him. They’re friends surely Riker slipped him some idea!


Riker comes up from behind and clasps his hand on Ari’s shoulder, likely making the kid shit his pants. He explains that friendship doesn’t affect his teaching, and that no one–not even Wesley–should expect special treatment.

Ari claims it was just a joke and ducks off in to the classroom. Probably taking a seat in the very back. Wesley assures Will that he understands the commander has to be fair to everyone regardless of friend status, and they head inside for the lesson.

Beverly asks Deanna how much farther they have to traipse through this jungle. Deanna assures her they’re getting close as Bev hears a brook in the distance. The counselor confirms its one from her time on Betazed as they head uphill toward the source of the sound.

This is a death march

In 10 forward, Geordi calls Data over to a table where he and Miles O’Brien are having a discussion. The engineers were debating if they could be anyone in all of space, who would you want to be?

Miles says his uncle Sean with a cozy little home on Alpha Narnia Seven. It’s very peaceful–and loaded with hot chicks. Calm down, Miles.

Geordi insists a better candidate is a man named Tamieron the Tinker. Lives on his own moon and does nothing all day but work on wrecks he’s salvaged.

The men turn to Data asking him to be tie-breaker. That is unless he has a better answer. And he does.

The Enterprise is my heaven, too

Riker leans on a desk in front of the class (because why stand when you can lean?) and lectures on Benedict Arnold. He talks about Arnold’s unpopular financial dealings and how he struck a deal with the British becoming a turncoat.

Wesley throws up his hand to correct the commander. He asks about the “montmorency monograph” which states Arnold was actually a double-agent. He explains it a bit and actually says in front of the whole class “you have heard of Montmorency haven’t you?” Riker admits he had not.

You little shit

Deanna and Beverly overlook the brook which is really more like a pretty strong river. They stand on an outcropping on one side, and look at an outcropping across the way.

Beverly is noping the heck out of this madness but Deanna is insistent. After all this is the holodeck so it’s perfectly safe to try to jump across. It’s not like the holodeck ever malfunctions or the safeties turn off for no reason or anything. Come on you baby.

Peer pressure!

Beverly isn’t about to be shown up by this Betazoid counselor, and she takes her own running leap across.

They climb farther up the hillside using hands to pull up and around rocky outcroppings. Just as Beverly is putting her foot down to say enough is enough, Deanna extends her hand to her friend and pulls her up the final step. They’ve arrived.

These two are sisters

Beverly remarks how far they managed to climb. Deanna slyly states that she did pretty good for an old lady. The doctor gets the lesson and admits it was a good one. Good thing they don’t have to walk all the way back and can just say “end program.”

Jeremy Aster has reached out to Worf with a video message. He informs Worf of a dilemma he’s facing. He’s been offered the chance to visit San Francisco for a couple weeks and he would love to go. But. There’s a girl he likes and he thinks she likes him too. Problem is some other dude likes her and he’s afraid if he’s gone the other guy is gonna slide in to her DMs as the children say.

Jeremy asks for Worf to send back a message and give him some advice. And Worf does.

Kick that Chad’s ass, Jeremy!

Wesley goes in to see Riker after class. The kid sits down and waits for Will to tear in to him for calling him out in front of the whole class.

Instead, Riker thanks him for having the courage to call him out. Will admits he should have brushed up on recent developments before heading in to teach a class and is glad Wes said something. Something other kids in the class were surely thinking anyway.

When he said earlier that Wes wasn’t going to get special treatment just because they’re friends he meant it. And that goes both ways.

They shake on it and as they leave down the hall, they bump in to Deanna and Beverly.

Damn kid give the old woman a break

Beverly Crusher may be beat up from that trek, but she feels great. The end.

This was one big filler comic with no actual plot or conflict and you know what? That’s ok. We kinda just got to see a “day in the life” of several crew members and it’s pretty cool to have just some extra background and info on who they are and what they do when they’re not firing phasers or executing combat maneuvers.

I love seeing Deanna and Beverly’s friendship. They really are a solid pair and it wasn’t explored nearly enough in the show so I enjoyed it here.

Throwing in Worf talking to Aster though… Man… Alexander hasn’t been introduced yet (this comic is around season 3 I believe) so I hope Worf is at least as attentive in the comics when his own kid makes an appearance.

The art on this one was a little off imo but looks like its because of a new penciler. I’m sure as time goes on they’ll improve but for now they did Data kinda dirty.

In the letters to the editor there’s a very touching comment to a previous letter written by a teen fan.

I wonder if he ever did get his first novel out there. Or if he got to write one for Star Trek. I don’t recognize his name off hand and didn’t get immediate results in a search. I hope Bill got to live his dream.

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