Moon’s Broke

Strap in and sit tight because its time for another annual. In this issue, Geordi shares his best friend necklace with someone who isn’t Data. It’s gonna take an entire annual’s worth of pages to explain this!

They don’t even seem happy about it

The Enterprise meets up with an Onglaatu vessel in order to receive a man named Kalonis. He is the son of a powerful noblewoman, Kastren, and here to see Geordi La Forge.

After beaming aboard, Kalonis leaves to speak with Geordi in private. Transporter Chief O’Brien questions letting the man wander around the ship but Deanna Troi is there to assure him that while the Onglaatu are a barbaric race, they are also an honest one. Kalonis is no exception.

In addition, Geordi has had personal dealings with Kalonis’ mother. In fact, while an ensign serving on the Hood, Geordi saved Kastren’s life. As a result of that encounter, the Onglaatu became allies with the Federation, and Geordi was given the honor of becoming Kastren’s “moon-brother.”

No one disrespects my necklace! I got it on sale at Claire’s!

In Geordi’s quarters, Kalonis tries to explain the situation. His mother has apparently gone mad along with several other noblewomen. This matriarchal society has several women who are plotting and scheming like Romulans rather than acting honest and straightforward as is the Onglaatu way.

He goes on to explain that this change was sudden and his mother is completely different now. She is cold and ruthless. The Imperiatrix has been unable to get through to her, so she sent Kalonis to Geordi. Their only hope now is that Kastren’s moon-brother can talk some sense in to her.

Geordi says he would like to help, but as a Starfleet officer he can’t interfere with the politics of other worlds. Kalonis suggest Geordi take a leave of absence to side-step that issue.

It’s just crazy enough to work!

La Forge runs the idea past Captain Picard who is reluctant to let his Chief Engineer rush off in to danger with no backup. But after the situation is explained–as well as the potential repercussions of losing an ally–Picard relents.

Geordi quickly changes to some civilian clothes and beams over to the Onglaatu vessel with his friend. Seeing the ship gets Geordi nostalgic and thinking back to his ensign days.

So… Nothing’s changed?

He doesn’t get to reminisce long, however, as a giant hand clasps down on his shoulder. A large man tells Geordi that offworlders aren’t welcome on this ship. Kalonis is unable to step in as doing so would only serve to make Geordi look weak.

The large man throws a punch, connecting with Geordi’s jaw and sending him reeling. The engineer recovers quickly, though, and ducks and dodges the next few punches until he sees an opening to land one of his own right in the aggressor’s ribs. Then he finishes the man off with a high kick to the chin.

The large man backs off and Kalonis asks where Geordi learned those sick moves.

Getting Scott Summers vibes

The ship arrives at Glaa and Geordi and Kalonis head up the steps of the estate home of Kastren. At first everything looks fine but once they reach Kastren on her throne it quickly becomes obvious there is something wrong with her. She snaps at an advisor who reminds her of a meeting called by the Imperiatrix. The noblewoman is even angry and belligerent towards her son and the man who saved her life.

Geordi tries to talk sense to her and asks if she remembers a time in their past. She stammers and claims to remember, but Geordi can tell she is lying and calls her out on it.

Kastren angrily calls for her guards. And has both men thrown in to the dungeon for daring to question her sanity in her own home.

So much for talking it out

In the dungeon, she not only locks the two men away but has them beaten for good measure. Left alone in their cell, they discuss their concern over the fact Kastren is about to go meet with the Imperiatrix. Kalonis says they must try to warn the leader of the possible danger. Geordi agrees but doesn’t see how seeing as they are locked in a dungeon.

Kalonis knows this dungeon well, though, from his time playing in it as a child. And this cell just happens to have a loose bar.

I’m sure there’s a lot of times like these

Speaking of Data, in 10 forward, Guinan and Beverly Crusher share a table and wave Data over to join them.

Data takes a seat at the table and Beverly asks if there’s been any news about Geordi. There has not.

The women can see that Data appears to be… distracted. Guinan asks what’s wrong but Data is unsure, himself. Even after running several self-diagnostics.

Awww he misses his bestie

Guinan and Beverly offer to step in as surrogates while Geordi is away.

Back in the cell, Geordi and Kalonis finally manage to yank the loose bar out of place and slip outside.

They see three guards and without time to spare, they realize they are going to have to get past them now rather than wait for a better opening. They climb up a nearby tree to gain the high ground.

Damn rats

Kalonis and Geordi drop on the guards from the trees. They take out two immediately but when Kalonis goes for the third he finds the man much stronger than anticipated. Luckily Geordi is there to help and knocks the guard out from behind.

That is when Geordi notices a familiar object sticking out the back of the guard’s neck.

Dun dun dunnnnn

Geordi explains this appendage belongs to a race of parasites. One that had previously infiltrated some of the highest levels of Starfleet Command. They thought they had seen the last of them, but looks like they just changed targets instead.

These parasites take over the host body and control it, but they can’t access memories well which explains why Kastren didn’t remember anything Geordi was talking about.

Armed with the truth, the two men rush to the meeting room to catch these parasites before it’s too late.

Lucky for us the meeting is walking distance from the dungeon

Kalonis explains that there are parasites who have taken over several people including his mother. That is about all he is able say before one of the guards pulls his weapon.

Geordi rushes to his friend’s aid and tackles the guard, fighting over his pistol. The guard knocks Geordi to the ground and aims, but this time Kalonis intervenes, using his own weapon to shoot the guard first.

Kalonis again turns to the Imperiatrix to warn her to flee the chamber, but Kastren calls her son a liar and demands proof. Which promptly presents itself by crawling out of the mouth of the fallen guard.

And no its not drool

Their cover blown, the remaining parasite infested bodies circle around a woman who looks to be their leader. They open fire on the rest of the people there.

Geordi and the Imperiatrix duck behind a wall together and take turns firing upon the enemy combatants. Kalonis attacks from the other end, gunning down one of the enemies and coming face to face with his mother.

Unable to pull the trigger, Geordi comes to his rescue, firing the shot himself.

As a mother and a sister idk how I should feel about this

They turn their sites toward the leader who starts straight up spitting out several parasites from her mouth. Geordi determines she is the “mother” and destroying her will stop all the others. So he and Kalonis do just that, turning their weapons on the infected woman and blowing her to smithereens

Is “blooooosh” really the best they could come up with?

With the “mother” destroyed, Kastren and the others are saved. They wake up from being stunned and are no worse for wear. And the plot on the Onglaatu government is foiled with much thanks from the Imperiatrix.

The Imperiatrix hails the Enterprise and lets them know the situation with the parasites and that Geordi is ok and ready to rejoin the crew.

Geordi says goodbye to his friends and heads home to a happy crew that is glad he made it back in one piece.

The end.

It’s nice to see Geordi getting to be a badass hero instead of just the guy who is good with machines and bad with women. I like that they brought back the aliens from “Conspiracy” as well. They could have made a good reoccurring villain its a shame the show never went back to them. Although in a way the DS9 changeling infiltration was similar.

I am disappointed that Data wasnt there to welcome Geordi back to the ship. It doesn’t even show their reunion! Boo!

The letters are mostly praise or nitpicking of the 2nd annual, but what is most interesting for any artist looking to break in to the industry… Well… The industry as it was in the early 90s.. Is this one:

And with that, my hands are cramping up! These annuals are great but they are twice the size of a normal comic and that means a lot more typing on my little phone and taking pictures for you all. To give my hand a break, I’ll see you all in a week! LLAP 🖖

Dirty laundry

This is part 3 of the story. To read part one, go back a couple posts.

Picard teams up with Ardra and Professor Arturo in an attempt to slide into a dimension where he can relax in his cool jacket in peace.

Tell me that doesn’t look like John Rhys-Davies

Ardra and the away team sneak up to the castle gates. Or rather, the delivery entrance. They wait for an unsuspecting delivery driver to roll up and Picard volunteers to be the one to punch the guy out so they can commandeer the vehicle.

How tf did he run and catch up to a truck?!

The driver dispatched, Ro is ordered to don his uniform and take the driver’s seat. The rest of the group climbs in to the back.

Ardra explains this is a laundry truck. Not just any laundry, either. Only the king gets his laundry this way.

They roll up to the gates where the guards question Ro. But she manages to convince them to let her through to deliver the goods.

Playin it cool

Jean-Luc and Ardra climb in to the laundry bin together (after he gives a token protest) and hunker down to be delivered. Ro and Geordi are instructed to drive off but keep nearby in case they need to provide a getaway.

On the Enterprise, Riker finally decides to check in on the captain. At this point it has been 6.5 hours which is pretty impressive to consider the team got in a bar fight, broke out of prison, and snuck into a palace in such a short time span.

Of course, the captain doesn’t answer any hails since his comm badge was confiscated. Riker quickly realizes something must be wrong and grabs Worf for an away team, leaving Data in charge.

Of course they are

Riker and his team beam down in search of the captain, arriving at the jailer’s station thanks to tracking down Picard’s communicator signal.

At first, the jailer has no idea who they are talking about. Captain Picard wasn’t in uniform so they had no way of knowing what he was. But when Worf shows the jailer a picture, he recognizes Picard immediately.

Wait til you hear about the delivery driver

Riker and his team head off to investigate further, and try to track down where Picard and his team went off to.

Meanwhile, Picard and Ardra are wheeled through the palace by an unwitting servant pushing the laundry bin down the halls.

The bin is eventually wheeled right in to the king’s bathroom where he is having a relaxing bubble bath.

Is he singing “Be my lover” by La Bouche?

The stowaways present themselves to the king who keeps himself modest by staying under the bubbles. Ardra explains the plot at hand, but the king requires proof for such accusations. Ardra assures the king that if he gives her access to some surface-to-ship communications he will have all he proof he needs.

Riker and his team wander the streets with no idea of where to begin looking for their missing crew. Worf points out a tavern called “The Cauldron” as a place to start.

They walk in and see a bunch of patrons watching a show. They also note how the scene was not what they expected of a bar in Shanzibar. Their conversation draws a “shhh” from a nearby table.

Worf states this may not be the best place to get info after all. Riker doubts everyone is that interested in the show. Until an entire table turns to shush them.

They’re going to the special hell

A particularly large and gruff man approaches the rude group of theater-talkers and confronts them on being yet more offworlders who can’t keep their mouths shut.

Worf asks the man about the offworlders he’s talking about, and the brute clearly is talking about Picard and his team. Riker tells the man those are friends and asks if he knows where they are.

The man replies he doesn’t, but he knows what’ll happen to Riker!

We all have wanted to do this to the person who wont stop talking during the movie

Back in the palace, the wizier sits at the head of a table with his co-conspirators. He goes over the plan with them to drug the king and drain the treasury.

Once the entire plan is laid out, the charade is dropped and everyone around the table shimmers and changes form to that of Picard and the others including the king.

Clever girl

The wizier makes a desperate attempt to escape by cutting the rope to the chandelier overhead. Ardra shoves the king out of the way while Picard tackles the fleeing would-be kingslayer.

The wizier fights back, swinging his knife, but Picard deftly avoids the attack and dispatches the wizier with a well-placed throat punch.

He brought a knife to a gun fight. 💪

After the dust settles, Ardra and Picard’s group meet with the king in his throne room. He thanks them for saving his life and informs them they are all due the standard reward for it. An amount that is literally a King’s ransom.

Picard immediately turns to Ardra and calls her out for having a stake in this after all. She shrugs it off. Maintaining a ship with cutting edge tech is expensive after all.

Why stop having fun?

Picard asks for his portion to be distrubuted among the poor of Shanzibar. The king agrees although with how prosperous they’ve become from the influx in tourism, it may be hard to find any poor people!

Ardra bids them all adieu and beams up to her ship.

Picard hails the Enterprise with a comm badge provided by the king. Data answers the hail and explains Riker is now missing.

When Data explains they lost contact with the team in the vicinity of The Cauldron, Captain Picard knows exactly what happened…

The end.

What the heck happened to Miles?? I figured he was going to have at least some part to play in this. But apparently he went down there in the last comic and then just vanished? Messing around in the local tavern? Hopefully not The Cauldron, lol.

I liked the callback to Ardra’s holo technology. And the banter between her and Picard was fun, too.

Also, I seriously don’t know who the heck that dude on the cover on the right is supposed to be. He never even showed up in the story. So I’m gonna stick to my idea that its Professor Arturo from Sliders.

In the letters to the editor, the editor made a comment regarding Picard’s romantic options:

I feel so vindicated right now. I love the Vash/Picard pairing. I can’t wait to get to those comics!

It also looks like Lwaxana will be showing up at some point too:

They probably should space out those appearances though. Picard can only handle so much sexual tension at once and the poor man just got done dealing with Ardra!

Deal with the Devil

This is part two of the story. To see part one, visit the previous post.

The away team is trapped in jail with Ardra. Ro is excited someone else is gonna be the one pissing Picard off for once.

“This is gonna be good”

Ardra and Jean-Luc go back and forth with the woman relentlessly teasing him and the captain rebuffing all of her advances. She eventually suggests they work together. Not for her sake, of course, but for the king of this planet.

Ardra explains there is a plot against the king, but Picard is understandably skeptical. He tells her she needs to come clean with the truth of why she’s really here if she wants to give him any reason to believe her.

The conwoman readily confesses that she was there to seduce the king. The man is old and not long for this world, and as his wife, she would inherit his fortune and become sole ruler.

Solid plan, really

During the process of wooing the king, however, Ardra overheard a plot by the king’s chief advisor and some other men. They planned to drug the king and drain the coffers while he lay bedridden.

They caught her eavesdropping and threw her in jail, and soon enough she figures she will be found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. Unless Jean-Luc helps her, of course.

Geordi remembers Ardra’s eye implants and asks about them, but the con artist had (conveniently for the plot) left them behind as they are uncomfortable. So with no comm badges and no eye implants, no one has any way of communicating to the ships in orbit. And so far the Enterprise has no idea anything is amiss.

In the king’s throne room, the monarch sits on his throne while the wizier informs him of the treasury’s growing coffers thanks to the boon in tourism.

As they talk, a man named Tachrus enters with a goblet for the king. The king refuses the drink, insisting it tastes disgusting, but Tachrus reminds him that the physician insists upon it.

Dun dun dunnnn

The king sends Tachrus away with the drink for now, but he will be back to insist again.

Picard still doesn’t believe Ardra after she lays out the situation, but Counselor Troi speaks up to say the woman is telling the truth.

Picard states even if that’s true she only wants them to help so she can go on with her initial scheme, but Ardra claims she doesn’t care about that anymore. What she wants now is revenge.

Pettiness can even drive ambition, mon capitan

Ardra suggests they break out of prison. Picard of course balks at the notion. They are Starfleet officers not barbarians who disobey the law.

The conwoman asks which is more important: following the law, or letting this world’s monarch be taken down by treachery? (I would think the prime directive would apply here but maybe not if they have some kind of treaty with this place.)

Its just some light treachery

On the Enterprise, Keiko and Miles discuss him taking some shore leave, himself. The chief (actually a lieutenant in this comic) doesn’t want to abandon his family, but Keiko knows he really wants to go and she lovingly insists.

Miles resists the notion and declares he loves being here with his family. But again Keiko knows better and while what he said is true, she also has seen how restless he is. Some time away will do him some good.

Ever the loving and supportive wife

While Miles doesn’t want to be seen as abandoning his family, he ultimately relents (with a little help from Molly throwing some food in his face). He makes plans to head down to the surface after all.

In the jail cell, Ardra and Troi stage an argument. Each of them accuses the other of “stealing her man.” The man of course being Jean-Luc Picard.

They coulda fought over Geordi but they had to make it believable

The commotion eventually attracts the guards who come in to tell them to knock it off. This gives Ro and Geordi their chance to take out the guards from behind.

With the guards down, the team rushes out of the prison cell. Picard shuts the door behind them to prevent actual criminals from escaping, and they head down the hall.

On their way towards the exit, they run across another pair of guards. This time the group hangs back while Ardra works her magic on the men.

She passes herself off as a noble inspecting this prison. The guards are skeptical but not skeptical enough to possibly piss off royalty. She manages to get in close enough to knock one of the guards out before the other finally realizes she’s not who she claims to be.

Gold star for the guard’s deductive reasoning skills

The group takes the final guard out and searches the locker for their comm badges. No dice. They continue to head down the hall and make their way outside and toward the palace.

What could possibly go wrong?

While its hard to tell the passage of time in comics format, the team certainly has been gone for hours by now with no contact to the ship. Riker is really asleep at the wheel on this one. At least it looks like this will give O’Brien a chance to be the hero in the next issue!

Speaking of O’Brien, I love seeing him and Keiko interact. They know and support each other so well. Keiko gets way too much shit for all the crap she actually puts up with for the sake of her husband. They really make a great pair and Miles is damn lucky to have her.

No letters to the editor in this issue. Instead something very interesting. A complete timetable of the show, novels, and comics! If you are ever wondering exactly where these comics or your books at home slot in to the actual series, here you go:

Ardrabian Nights

Picard said “what the devil” one too many times so she decided to make an appearance.

He really attracts the most interesting characters doesnt he

The Enterprise arrives at a planet called Shanzibar for some shore leave… against Captain Picard’s better judgment.

The planet has a reputation rivaling that of Risa, but only recently has it earned it. Prior, it was more a planet of pickpockets and thugs. While the Federation has approved of the changes made by the Council of Kings, Jean-Luc remains skeptical.

On scanners, Data picks up a familiar vessel already in orbit. It’s Ardra’s! The crew grumble about her presence here and Ro, sitting at navigation, asks who this Ardra person is that has them all so worked up.

How many con artists has he run across to make this determination?

Ardra should be locked up on Ventax II, but she is nothing if not resourceful. And Picard is even less inclined to allow for shore leave now that he knows she’s here.

Riker makes the case that it is even more important to beam down than ever. If Ardra is here, she’s likely causing trouble. Shouldn’t they investigate?

Picard takes what Riker says to heart and decides to lead the away team himself. He beams down with Counselor Troi, Lt. Cmdr. La Forge, And Ensign Ro.

Troi likes the place immediately

Ro makes mention that she has been to this planet before many years ago. Picard asks her if she knows a place they can go to track down Ardra, and Ro leads them to a local tavern called The Cauldron.

In 10 forward, Data and Worf share a drink and the Klingon states that he has no intention of beaming down for some shore leave. Data is curious as to why since everyone–including himself–seems eager to beam down and experience “one of the most stimulating venues of the known universe.”

Worf explains that with Ardra around, he would consider himself derelict in his duties as security chief if he were to leave the ship. Data notes there are many other officers just as capable of keeping an eye on things, but that doesn’t sway Worf.

The colorist went a little wonky here

Besides, Worf adds, the place sounds boring. If they still had the pickpockets and dueling in the streets he would be much more interested.

When they reach the tavern, Captain Picard is pleasantly surprised. The place seems rather… Genteel. And he expected some rather shady sorts.

There is even a show which the away team enjoys watching. It is a mix of ballet and opera and Picard is starting to think maybe this planet isn’t that bad after all.

Picard’s earring is killing me lol

While the show goes on, a nearby patron is so moved that he breaks down in to tears. Ro jokingly points it out to Deanna, but the man overhears and takes great offense.

Let men express emotions, Ro. This is the 24th century ffs

Right when I think we are gonna get a moving speech in defense of men being able to express other emotions besides anger, dudebro defends his tears by trying to punch Ro in the face. Oh well. So close.

Ro quickly knocks the guy on his ass using her chair to assist, and Picard yells at her to back down. Surely we can discuss things like civilized people?

Nah. Time for a barroom brawl. Troi points out the Shanzibarans are highly emotional so the fight isn’t likely to die down any time soon. In fact the entire bar is in on it now.

Ro reels from a hit to the jaw. Geordi attempts to come to her defense but nearly gets pummeled instead. Lucky for him, Counselor Troi is there.

Breaking a chair over his head like “have a seat!”

Even Troi can’t believe she pulled off the stunt, but they don’t dwell on it long as they need to get gone before the 5-0 gets there to shut everyone down.

The away team makes their way out the front door only to be stopped at the threshold by the police. So close.

Ro remarks they could easily make a run for it. Theres only 2 cops but 4 of them. Picard shuts that down immediately. They are Starfleet officers not fugitives! So instead they climb in to the police bus to be carted away to jail. Their communicators are confiscated and they didn’t have weapons to begin with.

Meanwhile Riker and the gang on the bridge are all talking about how hard it is to get Picard to take time off, and even thanking Ardra for giving him a reason to beam down.

Worf asks if they should check in with the captain but Will says if there’s something he needs to say, the captain will hail them. In the meantime let him enjoy his time on the surface.

Poor Worf is right again but no one listens

Picard is feeling humiliated as he’s forced to share a giant cell with the “dregs of Shanziban society.” Which is pretty harsh of him to say tbh.

Besides the company, Jean-Luc worries that this will actually cause a diplomatic incident with the Federation having to negotiate for their freedom.

Ro apologizes to the captain. She understands this is her fault for not keeping her mouth shut. Picard says of anyone should take responsibility it is him as captain.

Before they can really discuss the matter further, they are interrupted


Ardra happens to be in the jail cell with them!

Well at least Ro wasnt wrong that going to the tavern would lead to information about Ardra. Just not in the way they had planned, lol.

Also Will is gonna feel really silly when he realizes that maybe keeping in close contact with your captain while he is in search of a fugitive is a good idea after all???

On to the letters

It’s always wild to me to read letters from teenagers and then realize those people are now like 30+ years old. I wonder if they still have these comics.

The letter got split on the page but the rest reads: “where there was a panel discussing ways to kill Wesley.”

Of all the panel topics they could have gone with…

Wesley (and by extension, Wil) have gotten a lot of hate. I won’t pretend I didn’t dish some out myself (nothing like the panel but more just annoyance–and hardcore jealousy–towards the character in general) but Wil has gotten way more shit than he ever should have.

I’m so glad he remains a huge Trek fan despite how other fans have treated him over the years. And if you watch Star Trek Picard, make sure you watch Wil’s Ready Room episodes as well. He is such a great host! We are all lucky to have him around. 🖖

Q let the dogs out

This is part 3 of the story. To see part one, go back a couple posts.

Worf has had just about enough of Klingon Riker’s shit. He’s got like two seconds before he gets a Klingon fist to his Klingon face

Data is in command though and that’s all that matters

We begin with a scene in the holodeck as Q amuses himself by floating upside down and misquoting Shakespeare.

Then the rose would smell more like lilac

Picard confers with Riker on the bridge, worrying that what just happened in 10 forward will happen again soon and with potentially deadly consequences. He decides to have all phasers locked away until this issue with Q is over.

Riker objects. With the Yslanti on board the crew may need those phasers! The captain states they can defend themselves without the weapons and orders Worf to carry out his order.

Hes turning us all in to kiwis, Makeba!

Down in the armory, security personnel are not happy about this. Even going so far as to grumble that Worf may need to be replaced as head of security. Especially after his cowardly display against Riker in 10 forward.

Elsewhere, the Yslanti sneak through the corridors towards the shuttlebay. They are determined to get off this ship one way or the other.

They spot a shuttle they can use, and rush inside, fighting the personnel stationed there and securing the controls. One of the officers raises the alert that intruders are in the shuttlebay which reaches the ears of the officers turning in their phasers.

The officers argue they need their phasers back to fight the Yslanti. Worf appears to tell them they need what their captain says they need. Nothing more. The officers back down and rush off to the shuttlebay empty handed.

Worf with the restraint of a saint

On the bridge, the captain orders Ro to lock down the shuttlebay, but she can’t. The Yslanti have locked them out. Riker insists the crew need those phasers but Picard says no. He would rather let the Yslanti escape with the shuttle than to cause bloodshed.

Riker does not like that response. And Picard doesn’t like Riker’s response to his response. So he lets him have it.

Fire at Will!

The two fight right there on the bridge. After exchanging blows, Riker stands victorious and claims the title of Captain. He has Picard sent to the brig.

In the shuttlebay, Worf orders the leader of the Yslanti, Sorban, to yield. The man refuses and throws a few punches at Worf who dodges them. Finally, Worf punches back, and knocks Sorban to the ground.

Their leader defeated, the rest of the Yslanti are subdued and taken to the brig. On their way out the door they promise a war is coming in response to their treatment here.

This isn’t over!!

As the Yslanti are removed, security reinforcements arrive with phasers in hand. Worf questions them and they answer the previous order was overturned by Captain Riker.

Worf storms off to see for himself and as he steps in to the turbolift, Q appears to mock him a bit. He tells Worf to cheer up. After all this all should be right up his alley!

Worf arrives on the bridge to see Picard being hauled off, and asks him who did this to him. Riker answers and says it’s unwise to show sympathy for his former captain right in front of his new boss.

Worf finishes his shift with his head down and then makes a beeline to Data’s quarters.

Data under house arrest just petting his cat

The two discuss the situation trying to figure out how to get Q to put things back the way they were. Data notes that often Q leaves some kind of “escape route” for his tricks. If they can figure out the answer he is looking for they can convince him to change things back.

In this case, Q changed the crew to Klingons after the captain’s remark to prove to him that Klingons arent as valueable as Picard believed. So perhaps the answer is to prove the value of Klingon nature.

Time to let loose

Worf eagerly accepts his premise. He’s been keeping himself in check so much it’ll be a relief to let out some of this pent up aggression. The two of them head straight to the bridge.

Worf wastes no time once he gets there, either, stepping out of the turbolift and telling Riker to abdicate the chair.

Riker stands up and mocks Worf. This is the guy who backed down from every previous challenge. Has he finally found his courage?

The two square up and Riker makes the first move, tossing Worf over him and on to the floor. Worf quickly stands back up and delivers a well-placed roundhouse kick to Riker’s face.

This must have been so satisfying lol

Worf takes command of the ship after laying Riker out. He orders the Enterprise to rendezvous with the Hood to transfer the Yslanti immediately and get them off the ship safely.

Q’s face appears in the main viewer, and he concedes to Worf that proven enough. The game is no longer fun anymore with him in command, so he’s done playing. He turns the bridge crew back to normal.

In the brig, Picard and the Yslanti all share the same cell. Sorban complains about being forced to share a cell with a Klingon as Q appears and changes Picard back to normal.

Picard and Q exchange a bit of banter before the omnipotent being disappears in his trademark flash of light. Sorban is in shock and what he witnessed and would never have believed it if not for seeing it with his own eyes.

No one back home is gonna believe me

Picard escorts the Yslanti delegation to the transporter room and things all seem smoothed over. Now that they know Picard was telling the truth about Q, they are prepared to go forward with the peace talks and put this strangeness behind them.

Picard and Riker both agree Worf saved the day. Although Picard no longer wishes he had 100 like him.

Well Data kinda saved the day here. After all it was his idea for Worf to stop holding himself back. I do feel it wrapped up a little too quickly but comics format can tend to do that.

Also really annoyed the cover lied again because Data never actually took command, but they do that a lot, too.

Fun fact about this comic in particular. Worf is my dad’s favorite Star Trek character, and I happened to have a duplicate copy of this comic. So I took it with me to STLV and got Michael Dorn to sign it for him. Dad was really happy when I gave it to him for his birthday 😊 he decided to display it with another Klingon item he has

I love my dad ❤

In the letters to the editor I want to pay condolenses to the Aussies who apparently had to wait a long time for TNG to reach their airwaves


And this is in the days where the internet was still a baby. No just hopping on YouTube or even Napster to bootleg episodes. People today are upset Star Trek Picard airs in the UK a day later. Imagine having to wait years!

Those were darker times…

A fistful of Worfs

This is part two of the story. To see part one, go back to the previous post.

Things are getting crazy in 10 forward and Guinan is beginning to realize the Klingons have figured out that her giant blaster is made of chocolate.

Also the ratio of dudes to chicks on this crew leaves something to be desired

First, this comic has the best opening line so far and I would be remiss not to include it.

So sassy

The Yslanti storm down the corridor towards the office of counselor Troi. Since she was assigned to help them, they figure now is the time to ask for that help with this Klingon issue.

Instead, they are greeted by a Klingon at the door! The Klingon is counselor Troi, but she isn’t acting like herself at the moment.

Kinda liking this new counseling style tbh

Realizing Troi can’t help with their problem, the delegation leaves and decides to take their complaint to the top.

Captain Picard is in his ready room yelling across his desk at Q to change everything back. Q of course refuses as he’s not done having fun yet. He also wants Picard to admit that what he said about wanting 100 people like Worf was a mistake, but our captain refuses. He has no problem with Klingons, just omnipotent assholes named after letters of the alphabet.

The Yslanti storm in to the ready room and Q makes himself invisible to their eye. The delegates quickly realize that Picard is also a Klingon, and it further fuels their anger at the situation.

Ooooo Picard said the d-worrddddd

Jean-Luc tries to explain but the Yslanti aren’t interested in his crazy stories. It’s clear to them that the entire crew is mocking them by dressing up as Klingons. They demand to be returned to their homeworld and storm out of the ready room.

Q reappears and mocks Picard for his handling of the situation. Which only serves to anger the captain so much he takes a swing at the immortal.

Also he says the d-word again!

The two go back and forth with Picard losing control of his Klingon temper to the point were he finally punches Q so hard his head flies off!

Of course being an omnipotent, immortal being, Q just picks his head and puts it back on his shoulders. Only after quipping that now they’ve both lost their heads today. Ohh Q. Ever the punsmith.

In the middle of their argument, Ro Laren calls the captain from 10 forward. Apparently, the Yslanti entered the area looking for a drink and found a fight.

Oh NOW we get Ro. Wow.

Picard angrily storms out of the ready room, leaving Q behind and grabbing Data, Worf, and Riker to join him on his trip to 10 forward.

Q arrives before they do, and watches the festivities unfold while disguised as a Klingon.

The door opens and Picard storms in, telling everyone to knock it off. He tries again to explain what is happening here but the Yslanti are still not buying it.

What’s worse is even the Enterprise crew argues with Picard. They may have been human, but now they are Klingon! And Klingons are cooler!

Picard argues with them as a knife raises on him from behind. Data sees and calls out to his captain.

Watch your back! Literally

Picard quickly turns and grabs the knifeman’s wrist, flipping him on to the floor like a pancake and calling him a coward for trying to take the captain from behind.

Angry now, Picard asks who else wants some. He challenges various crew members who smartly keep their mouths shut, but that doesn’t stop him from tossing another one to the ground for funsies.

Captain Kickass

Data reminds Picard why he came here in the first place: to restore the peace; not make it worse. Picard pounds the bar. How can he ask his crew to keep their anger in check if he can’t even do it himself?

The Yslanti have seen enough. They remind Picard of their demand to be returned home and then leave the establishment.

Picard tells Worf to have security keep an eye on the Yslanti, but they will not be changing course. At this point the starbase is closer anyway.

Data asks if they should be transferred to another vessel. The Hood is in the area. Captain Picard cuts the android off and tells him that he is the one calling the shots, not Data.

That is when Guinan walks in, asking what the heck managed to happen in the few minutes she was gone. She immediately spots Q across the room and tells him to get lost.

Go on now git

Q realizes he left the oven on and hightails it out of there. Picard states he wishes Guinan could kick Q off the whole ship like she just did for 10 forward, but she says her powers of persuasion aren’t quite that good.

Guinan then turns to Picard and asks him about his snapping at Data. The captain quickly turns on Guinan telling her he will not be second-guessed, then he storms out.

Riker calls for everyone to clean up the mess and Worf turns to Guinan to discuss their options. With even Captain Picard flying off the handle, they need to get a reign on this situation.

Riker doesn’t like Worf whispering off in the corner, though, and confronts the security chief.

Who knew Klingons were so paranoid

Riker accuses Worf of conspiring to poison his drinks. Worf and Guinan both call the idea absurd. Worf reminds Riker he’s only thinking this way because of Q, but the first officer doesn’t accept that and ends up throwing a right cross, knocking Worf to the ground.

Worf pulls himself off the floor as Riker taunts him. For a moment, Worf gets ready to kick some Riker ass, but he takes a breath and calms himself knowing that this isn’t how a Starfleet officer conducts themselves.

The (actual) Klingon bites his tongue as Riker mocks him and calls him a coward, and finally just tells Worf to help clean up before he gets his butt kicked again.

Personal log: the crew has no chill

The Yslanti gather in their quarters, painting warpaint on their faces and gathering weapons. Picard having completely ignored their demands, the delegation prepares to force the issue. One way or the other….

So this issue is actually pretty fun just to see how the various crew members act when changed in to Klingon warriors. I can’t decide if I like Troi’s new counseling style better than Dr. Crusher’s new pain management style.

A Klingon sneaking up behind Picard’s back doesn’t seem very honorable, but we also are constantly reminded throughout the show that Klingons are not the honorable actors Worf always holds them up to be. Worf is the exception not the rule.

Looks like he and Guinan may be able to hatch some kind of plan. I’m still waiting for Data to ultimately save the day though.

Most of the letters to the editor this time referred to the “Modala Imperative” comics run. This is a side-run spanning 8 issues (4 in TOS and 4 in TNG) which I do have, but do not plan to go through until after I did the main series run. I figured branching away for the several mini-series that took place would get too complicated.

I do plan to do posts for those mini series eventually. It just won’t be until we get through this main run. And assuming I can get a hold of them all!

This letter had some general questions, though, so I’ll let this and the answer cap off today’s post 🖖


Q helps the Enterprise crew cosplay as Klingons. Everyone except Data who is, like, super bitter about it.

Grump face back there

The Yslanti delegation beams aboard the Enterprise to be greeted by Captain Picard and Counselor Troi. They are immediately escorted to their rooms to keep them out of trouble as the Yslanti have an instinctive reaction to all other warrior races.

Picard assures them that Worf will steer clear for the duration of their visit, and the Yslanti thank the captain for his understanding.

While the conversation is going on we can see a familiar face eavesdropping from the ceiling…

Captain Picard makes his way to the bridge and asks Worf to join him in his ready room. Picard thanks Worf for his patience in this matter and says he understands its not easy to step aside and let others handle security. Especially for a Klingon warrior such as himself.

Worf states no thanks are needed as he is just doing his duty, but Picard insists and says he wishes he had 100 more just like him.

It is then that Q appears, clutching his head and complaining about the sickly-sweet banter going on in here.

Q already on Jean-Luc’s last nerve

They exchange some bickering back and forth and Q states Picard is even more disrespectful than usual. He seems to not be acting himself.

But I guess that’s forgivable since he is no longer himself. Captain Picard is turned in to a Klingon! The captain insists on being changed back but Q says hes only giving Jean-Luc what he asked for. He did wish he had 100 more like Worf. And if 100 is good…

Its never good when Q doubles down on his tricks

As they argue, Commander Riker calls the captain to tell him something has happened. Picard is quick to realize what it is and rushes out the door to the bridge to confirm his fear.

The entire bridge crew (minus Data) has been turned in to Klingons! Q explains that it’s not just them. The entire ship’s crew has been changed.

Excuse me how dare you

Q takes Picard and Riker on a quick tour of the ship to prove it. They stop by Mot (the blue bolian now Klingon but still bald), the concert hall where the now-Klingon musicians play strange instruments, and to 10 forward in time to see a fight break out.

He finishes the tour back on the bridge and at first Picard’s own inner Klingon insults Q, demanding the worm returns them to normal. Then Picard composes himself to appeal to Q’s sense of reason. But the immortal doesn’t care to hear it; he’s too interested in seeing how this all plays out.

Q vanishes, leaving the crew of the Enterprise to figure out what the heck to do. For now, Picard orders everyone to act like its business as usual.

Down in engineering, Geordi tells his crew to follow orders and get back to work. One engineer named Duffy doesn’t like this plan, though, insisting they fight. Geordi reminds Duffy that Q isn’t likely to be forced in to anything.

Duffy tells Geordi that if he isn’t willing to fight Q, maybe he should step aside for someone who is. Prompting Geordi to lay out this little turd and make sure everyone understands who is in charge here.

Don’t make me stab a petaQ

In their quarters, Miles and Keiko sit across from each other at the dinner table with little Molly in her baby chair nearby. Miles curses about the situation while Keiko asks him to cool the language in front of the baby.

Keiko has prepared Miles’ favorite (corned beef and cabbage) but the engineer almost pukes. He wants serpent worms instead.

Keiko tells him off for ignoring her hard work on dinner. She used his grandmother’s recipe and everything! Q watches invisibly as they argue.

Bro just use the replicator and stop making your wife cook for you

In sickbay, Dr. Crusher tends to one of her patients. Despite the change to Klingon form, he will still need surgery. Crusher gets the surgical tools ready right there in the open rather than move to an operating room. More shockingly, she prepares to go in without anesthesia!

The patient questions her methods and she scoffs at him. A son of Kahless should not desire pain killers.

Suck it up, buttercup

The Yslanti delegation exits their quarters to get lunch. They discuss among themselves how helpful the Federation has been and how accommodating. They figure it’s safe to head to 10 forward for a meal. And they actually have hope that the peace talks they are being escorted to will go well since the Federation seems to understand them so well.

As they walk down the hall, a trio of Klingons bust through between them. One of the Yslanti pulls a knife and gets ready to throw down, but the leader stops him before blood is shed.

At least someone has some restraint around here

As the Klingons walk off, one notes how odd it was the Yslanti just ran from them. The man next to him says for Barclay not to be surprised. He is just as fearsome as the next warrior. Barclay likes the sound of that.

And Q remarks to himself that this all may be even more entertaining than he realized.

Ok so I just said in the last post how I didn’t particularly like Klingon stories, but I love Q stories. So I guess the two things cancel out, lol. Although I really hope to see more of Data in the next issue. My guess is he will be the key to smoothing things over.

The banter between Q and Picard was great and reads just like it would on the show. I could hear Picard’s annoyance as I read his speech bubbles.

Not much by way of letters this time other than a lot of praise for the story and art as usual. But I do want to highlight this one bit because I completely agree:

Imagine being able to just walk in and buy all the back issues. Once I finally had the money to spend on comics, it was an ordeal tracking them all down. Thank goodness for Etsy and Amazon!

Peter David is a gem and I wish he would lend his pen to these comics. Especially when it comes to writing Q which he does so well.

At least our prayers of more Q are being answered!